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Forged Sales Solutions

Forged Sales Solutions was established in 2020 to provide sales leadership for business owners who were experiencing declining or stagnant sales due to ineffective or reactive sales efforts. During my client engagements, I have learned that most business owners had buyer’s remorse with consultants who just consulted and did not actually do the work.

When you hire Forged Sales Solutions you get a battle tested sales veteran who understands the different challenges small and medium size businesses are experiencing. We become your daily sales leader and provide the business plan, strategy, and tactics to accomplish your sales goals. We do the work and implementation with your team. 

Our Specialties

What We Do

In-Depth Sales Infrastructure Audit

  • Comprehensive review of the skills/competencies of your entire sales and marketing team.

  • Complete autopsy of your current customer base and market segments for risk reduction and growth opportunities.

  • Review of your current go-to-market strategy.

Implementation of the New Sales Plan

  • Create an obtainable sales forecast

  • Construct appropriate sales infrastructure

  • Develop a sales management accountability process

  • Create realistic sales visibility for CEO and Accounting

  • Place the right people in the right seats

Account Management

  • Grow and Defend revenue from your existing account base

Business Development

  • Define Ideal Client Profile

  • Obtain new clients and market segments.

Sales Training

  • Management

  • Sales personnel

  • On-site and in the field


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I started my sales career in 1994 after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh. After graduation, I began my career as a field salesperson responsible for account management and business development in construction equipment sales in the Pittsburgh region. Over the next three years I successfully developed and grew new accounts by using my disciplined strategy.

Then, I was recruited by a Caterpillar dealer to help start a new division. After 2 years and successful expansion, I was promoted to manage all locations and two divisions for the company. I spent 16 more years with the company developing large accounts.

Later on, I was recruited by another company that I originally worked for to lead their sales team as the head of sales covering the Mid-Atlantic Region. During my tenure here I was mentored by a Scaling Up Coach and realized that there was a need in the market for outsourced sales experience to help companies that did not have a solution for revenue growth, sales strategy, and sales infrastructure.

In 2020 I formed Forged Sales Solutions and contracted my first job as an Outsourced VP of Sales for a John Deere dealership. Since then, I have been helping clients in various market segments, including manufacturing, landscaping, accounting, marketing, and litigation stress coaching.

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Dan and I started the engagement by prioritizing the key issues the company needed to tackle to move the sales and marketing teams forward and to dramatically improve results.

Dan conducted a skills/competencies assessment of the entire sales team, to have a baseline from which to work. This led to the development of individualized coaching/development programs that Dan implemented with each sales professional on a one-on-one basis over a period of several months. It was rhythmic approach, not “once-and-done”.

From there, Dan developed a sales accountability process that involved brief weekly huddle sessions with the sales teams and the General Managers. These huddles were conducted by each branch and focused on the sales pipeline and key activities for the following week. The process also included a more robust monthly deep-dive session that focused on UCC and other market data, postmortems on wins/losses and sharing of best practices.

Another key project that Dan led for me was to ready the organization for a significant market expansion opportunity in Compact Construction Equipment. Dan worked closely with the company’s Marketing Director, General Managers and Asset Manager to ensure the company was well positioned with a solid go-to-market plan to take advantage of this opportunity in a high-growth segment of the industry.Dan also helped me revise our commission plan for the sales and rental teams and he developed a deal pipeline tracking process and tool to provide realistic sales visibility on a rolling 90-day basis for the ownership team and me.

I would highly recommend Dan Rodgers for several capacities, including an executive sales and marketing leader or a professional consultant.

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William Farrell


“My company was looking to bring in a skilled Sales Consultant to help us continue to develop our Sales Process and Ideal Client, as well as help us hit our revenue goals. We needed someone that had knowledge of our industry and the type of challenges that my Sales Team faces.

From my initial meeting with Dan, I could tell he was a perfect fit. Not only is Dan extremely skilled and knowledgeable, but he fit our culture with his incredible character and work ethic. It also became obvious very quickly that Dan truly cared about the success of our organization. Dan would work with our Sales Team as a group, but also one on one. He would also help with Business Development by introducing me to people in the industry that would provide good opportunities for our Company.

I was initially worried about how my Director of Sales would react to bringing in a consultant, but Dan made the transition easy and focused on building relationships with everyone on my Team, especially my Director of Sales. I could call Dan any time of the day or night and he was always there to talk or meet up for lunch to discuss my thoughts or ideas. Since working with Dan, my Team feels more focused on our process and our revenue has increased along with our goals.

Dan was a big reason for that change. I very much enjoy working with Dan, as well as the relationship we developed. I’m happy to call him a friend and would encourage anyone looking for help in their Sales Department to give Dan an opportunity.”

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Nathan Stockman


“After only 2 meetings with Dan Rodgers, for the first time my company started to make breakthrough income. Winning Focus is taking off! We deliver litigation stress coaching services to physicians and healthcare professionals in conjunction with their legal team.

During our first meeting, Dan wanted to understand all the facets of my business. As our discussion progressed, his questions compelled me to begin to look at my business structure in a whole new light which would increase my sales and income. And it did! My income has doubled in the last four months.

One of the aspects I value most in my working with Dan is that he creates a safe and comfortable space for me to share my fears, weaknesses, and limitations. His direction is always respectful, supportive, and encouraging; I never feel defensive. As a result, my skill sets have multiplied! As he teaches me sales strategies, he builds up my belief and confidence in myself as well as in my business concept, enabling me to think creatively, develop and implement new dimensions of my business. I now have leaders in my field pursuing me and I am beginning to be invited for speaking engagements. I think it is also important to mention that Dan is always there when I need him.

Dan Rodgers has made a life changing difference in my business and in the lives of the many doctors, health professionals and the patients they serve.”

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Gail Fiore, MAMSW